What Would Be the Future of Movie Industry Amid Coronavirus?

  •  As cinemas shut down due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, studios are reducing or dismissing the window between theatrical and streaming releases.
  • This could forever reduce movie theaters’ leverage with studios and shift consumer action.
  • When theaters open again, will streaming theatrical releases the very day in theaters become the new normal?

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has sparked an exciting opening for the movie industry: movies are being made accessible at home the same time they’re available in theaters.

The difference between a theatrical and a digital release is fading as theaters shut down. This could radically change studios’ leverage in compromises with theater chains, lastingly change consumer behavior, and boost the bar essentially for going out to the movies.

Presently, Disney Pixar’s “Onward” is accessible to purchase digitally for $19.99. They have also launched Disney+ subscription service on April 3 in the U.S. Usually, the movies were to be released on streaming channels about two and a half months later after the release in theatres. But the whole scenario has been transformed due to prevailing situation.

The dispute over cutting the window amongst studios and theater chains

For ages, several studios and theater chains have been locked in a dispute over cutting the window: doing so would permit studios to tap into recognition from a theatrical release as well as the value of dramatic marketing dollars to drive downloads or rentals. Unto last week, the major theater chains were so rooted in their persistence on a three-month window to protect ticket sales that they rejected a one-month window to show Netflix’s ‘The Irishman.’ Theater chains have opposed a push by AT&T/WarnerMedia’s Warner Brothers and Comcast’s Universal Pictures, in particular, to allow them to shorten that window for several films. But now that the theaters have zero negotiating leverage, studios are performing unusual moves to bring their movies to audiences.

Will everything release on streaming?

With the victory of the “Trolls World Tour,” negotiations have to be going on right now” at studios about releasing future films digitally first or shortening the theatrical-to-digital window from months to weeks. “Streaming is an alternative for them, and they have a fascinated audience as we’ve never seen before.”

While no blockbuster film has gone direct to video on request, it might become a chance the longer COVID-19 wears on. The horror sequel “A Quiet Place Part II” (planned for release Sept. 4) would be a top contender since it “doesn’t certainly need to be seen on the big screen.” “There’s no doubt that would be a massive hit.” There is even more to this scenario that is still in discussion.

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Will streaming theatrical releases the same day as theatres become the new normal?

Globally, people are talking over the fate of theatres. Will they be open again? How is everything going to be? Will it be possible to watch the movie release in theatres as well as on the streaming platforms? Is this a new normal? The discussion is still going on!

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