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Zomato Likes “Human Contact” Idea by a Woman, Add This Innovative Advice On App

The exchange of thoughts and ideas online has sparked chatter all around, and surely it will make you laugh a lot.

Nowadays, Zomato is taking over the spotlight on Twitter. And people are not missing any chance to participate in several contests and fun events.

Yesterday, a Twitter user SurbhiBagga shared a witty tweet tagging the Zomato company. What’s make it more interesting is the response of Zomato that is winning hearts.

“Nice of @ZomatoIN to consider the needs of people living alone during these unprecedented times,” she wrote and shared an edited image with an icon under the name “Human Contact.”

And as usual, Zomato was ready with an answer unleashing its witty side. Their tweet asked Bagga to “check the app again.”

It clearly shows the engagement of the company with its customers that comes out in a creative and innovative style.

Zomato added a section that says “Human Contact” in the app. Upon clicking, this is what you see:

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