Coronavirus Vaccine Updates: All You Need to Know About COVID Treatment

Even as the countries globally resume to combat the novel coronavirus, scientists, medical professionals, and researchers worldwide are working in unique ways to generate any treatment for COVID-19. The viral transmission is spreading at a high rate all around the world, and more than 7 million people have been tested positive for the condition. In the dearth of any absolute cure, social distancing measures and practising personal hygiene remain our best bet to guard ourselves.

What is the status of coronavirus vaccine globally?

Currently, more than 150 groups across the world that are developing multiple vaccines for COVID-19, and now, 10 of them have entered the clinical trial phase. Even though the professionals maintain that a vaccine fit for human use can take anyplace from 12 to 18 months to develop, we take a look at some of the most advanced developments in coronavirus vaccine production.

Johnson & Johnson is ready to start clinical trials in July

Johnson & Johnson, which is being praised as another major player in producing a vaccine to fight novel coronavirus, is slated to begin its human trials next month, i.e., July. It is essential to note that the organization is proceeding with its clinical trials at least two months before the predicted time frame.

The vaccine candidate produced by J & J is based on adenovirus (a virus causing common cold), and the organization plans to test its effectiveness and safety against a placebo by dosing both younger and older volunteers. The drugmaker will examine the immune safety response of the vaccine candidate in 1,045 people in the United States and Belgium.

ModernaIncis all set to start final stage vaccine testing in July

In another concrete development, US-based drug giant Moderna is ready to begin dosing 30,000 volunteers with its RNA-based vaccine along with a placebo shot for the last stage testing. For the uninformed, Moderna is of the front-runners in vaccine development for the novel coronavirus and has now obtained enough doses to led the crucial last stage testing in July.

Eli Lilly’s antibody treatment could be available by September

Drug giant Eli Lilly has stated that its antibody-drug to treat the novel coronavirus patients can be accessed as fast as September. The company is presently testing three antibody therapies to treat COVID 19, one of which is slated to enter clinical trials in the following weeks. In relation, human trials have already been carried on the other two therapies.

Sinovacis 99 percent sure about its vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19

One of the front-runners in the pursuit of developing a vaccine for novel coronavirus, Chinese firm Sinovac is 99 percent certain of its vaccine potency. The vaccine by the Chinese drugmaker had presented encouraging results in its animal trials as it was able to produce protecting antibodies in monkeys. The vaccine, which has been called CoronaVac, broadly protected the monkeys from developing an infection as per a report advertised in online server bioRxiv. Besides, Luo Baishan, a researcher at Sinovac, announced that they are 99 percent assured the vaccine would work as per a report by Sky News.

Bharat Serums and Vaccines Ltd gets consent for using Ulinastatin to combat COVID

As the figure of positive coronavirus cases proceeds to rise in India at a dangerous rate, there is a shining ray of hope in the form of several experimental drugs that are used to treat the coronavirus patients. The Indian drug company has gained a nod from the drug control to lead phase 3 trials for the usage of Ulinastatin to treat coronavirus patients undergoing acute respiratory distress syndrome potentially. Ulinastatin is an intrinsic trypsin inhibitor which has been traditionally used for the treatment of severe acute pancreatitis.

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